The Commerce Journal

August 3, 2013

Stalking leads to harassment charges for student

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Sometimes it takes an arrest to get a person’s attention.

20-year-old Brandon Ramsey was arrested on July 24 by officers with the Texas A&M University-Commerce University Police Department, after being warned multiple times by officers about allegedly harassing his ex-girlfriend.

To make matters complicated, the ex-girlfriend is pregnant with his child.

According to the report, Ramsey had continued to call, text and show up at her apartment, even showing up to her workplace.

The report stated Ramsey told her if she didn’t allow him to see her again he would “kill myself and leave a note so you and the baby will always know it’s your fault.”

On July 1, Ramsey was issued a Criminal Trespass notice for the New Pride Apartments and was advised on how to dispute  the notices.

The following day, officers spoke with Ramsey, where Ramsey gave his side of the story.

Ramsey told the officers the relationship worsened after her mother began living with her in her apartment, and said he was threatened by her father, but only after Ramsey admitted to smarting off to him.

Ramsey continued to contact her after he was given the notice, so a warrant was issued for his arrest on July 24.

Ramsey was transported to the UPD where he was given the formal warrant.

A new Criminal Trespass Warning was also issued to Ramsey, which include all A&M-Commerce housing areas and parking lots around them.