The Commerce Journal

August 14, 2013

Exceeding the standard

CISD meets and exceeds all TEA standards

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — The Texas Education Agency has recognized the hard work the teachers and staff have put toward educating students at Commerce Independent School District, according to CISD Superintendent Blake Cooper.

Commerce ISD met and exceeded every standard the Texas Education Agency (TEA) has on every campus and the district as a whole.

The TEA measures schools and districts on student achievement, progress, closing performance gaps, and for high schools, postsecondary readiness.

“It’s a credit to all thea teachers and staff for all they did,” he said. “The kids did what they had to do.”

Cooper applauds the changes made to the accountability system earlier this year and said this is a better way of keeping schools accountable than in the past.

“This is a more fair way of doing accountability,” he said.

Cooper said although the district met every standard, he sees room to grow in certain areas.

“By no means are we satisfied, but we are pleased with it,” he said. “It’s a good base to start at.”

The high school was on the lower percentile on the attendance rate last year. Cooper said attendance will be stressed more this year.

Cooper said a fruitful relationship with Texas A&M University-Commerce has resulted in a much higher career and college readiness rating in years past.

Commerce HS now offers more than 30 college credit hours through A&M-Commerce and Paris Junior College, and multiple certificate programs students can graduate with, including computer programming and welding certificates.

Cooper said he wants to utilize A&M-Commerce, and the community, more in the future when it comes to helping younger students catch up on their reading and writing.

“We are working to figure out more ways for the community to get involved with out schools,” he said.

One of the things Cooper stressed is to find areas that need to be improved, and to keep moving forward with educating the students of CISD.

“We have places to improve, there’s no doubt about that,” he said. “But we feel like we’ve performed well and will continue to teah kids at the depth and rigor we want.”