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March 8, 2013

School district correct to move to new principal

Journal Editorial Staff
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — Part of a high school principal’s job is to be a morally upright example for their students to follow.

When former Commerce High School Principal Adam Rupert was arrested on Nov. 14, 2012 for driving while intoxicated, he lost that example.

We all make mistakes. But some mistakes cost more than others. If he was cited for speeding or even running a red light, that would be forgiveable. But this wasn’t. With this arrest, Rupert made a mistake that no one, especially someone who is supposed to be above reproach, should make.

Before Rupert was hired to Commerce, he had an impressive track record in the Allen Independent School District. He had a hard work ethic and it showed in his monthly reports to the CISD Board of Trustees.

But a good track record does not excuse what he did.

CISD was right in pursuing a new principal for their students. Students should have someone of high moral integrity to look up to, who will not only tell students to better themselves, but to be the example in their daily lives, in and out of school, of how a person should live.

We believe that Julia Robinson, the interim principal for CHS, will make a great fit at the school. She is a person of high moral character and integrity who knows when to buckle down, and when to relax and let the students have fun.

Robinson has been curriculum director for the district since 2009, and was principal of A.C. Williams Elementary School for 10 years before that.

She is well known and well liked in the community, and we look forward to her strong leadership as interim principal in the months to come.

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