The Commerce Journal

May 9, 2013

Soccer field receives needed repair

By Joseph Hamrick
The Commerce Journal

COMMERCE — This time the second time is the charm.

Last year Texas A&M University-Commerce hired a landscaping crew to rebuild the women’s soccer field in order to fix severe drainage issues plaguing the field.

Instead, according to Women’s Soccer Coach Neil Piper, the company left it in worse shape because it rushed through the process.

“Every time it rained we had small ponds on the field,” he said, adding that before last year, the field hadn’t been worked on since 1999. “The company that did it didn’t solve the problem, but made it worse than it was before.”

Piper said he has high hopes that this new company will take the time to do the job correctly.

“They are going to laser grade it and hopefully that will fix the drainage problem,” he said. “It’s going to be ready for Aug. 10.”

Looking forward to a newly graded field and getting several players back who suffered from injuries last year, Piper said this year’s soccer team will look as good as the field they’re playing on.

“I predict great things for us this year,” he said.

The Lions had a disappointing season in 2012, going 5-12 overall and posting a 4-10 record in the Lone Star Conference.